Hello there :) We are a game development studio created by…

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Mohammad Ashour

Team Lead

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Asfandyar Butt


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Lars Dahl

Sound designer

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Simon Rosenthal


Our vision

Bring people together over games that dare to say something true about our world.

Our mission

Make a tactical deckbuilder that sells 10k copies.

kolena [ku-len-ah]

: an Arabic word meaning “all of us”

Our game

We're making a tactical roguelike deckbuilder set in a futuristic sci-fi North Africa. Assemble a rebel army (your deck) from diverse factions, and engage in fast-paced battles against the tyrannical Gait with their various minions and elites.

Depiction of prototype gameplay

Designed for 15-30 minute runs, our deckbuilder is a one-screen game, offering accessible gameplay while providing a wealth of strategic combinations and challenges. Immerse yourself in the rich North African lore and lead the rebellion against the tyrannical Gait.

Our progress

So far we’ve gone through a few iterations of the game, prototyping and building systems. We have…

  • A compelling small tactics / deckbuilder hybrid with innovative encounter and unit replacement systems.
  • Lore, characters, and plot written. (Spoiler alert: they’re in a North African sci-fi future).
  • Excellent concept art by our talented artist, Simon. Follow us on Twitter to see his art every #screenshotsaturday.
  • A top notch soundtrack courtesy of Lars. Seriously, it slaps; get a taste for yourself:

What's next for Kolena

  • We've found some good mechanics for our game, and we're approaching that sweet spot of strategic depth.
  • We want to expose ourselves to the world more, network more and market more.
  • The IP we're building for our game looks like it has some legs. We'd love to develop the IP into a universe and build more games in it.

Get in touch

We love to talk shop and games — Holla at us!